The New CONCACAF Champions League Format | Interview with CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani

2021年02月 4日
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Alexi Lalas and CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani discuss the revamped CCL starting 2023 to include a regionalized group stage in the fall before the knockout stage in the spring.
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The New CONCACAF Champions League Format | Interview with CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani
FOX Soccer

  • What do you think about the new CONCACAF Champions League format?

    FOX SoccerFOX Soccer3 个月 前
    • Too many teams. It strays far from what a Champions League is all about - champions. And splitting up into North American, Central, Caribbean 👎. Loved the mix before, not this.

      lee kormishlee kormish2 个月 前
    • Dont like it

      Omar HernandezOmar Hernandez3 个月 前
    • Really unnecessary, concacrap just doesn't want the best Mexican teams to go to Libertadores.

      Bad HombreBad Hombre3 个月 前
  • De 20 equipos de Norte America clasifican 8 directos (40%) y en play-in 6 posibles calificables (30%) somos objetivos es un torneo que claramente favorece a Las naciones del Norte de América

    PoH 871PoH 8712 个月 前
  • Saludos desde morelia levoy a los equipos del america,morelia,L.A angeles,L.A galaxi y atlanta en la scotiabank league champions concacaf

    Martin AlvaradoMartin Alvarado2 个月 前
  • I guess they have to start somewhere if they want to make it relevant

    Monjer AdbufMonjer Adbuf2 个月 前
  • Fox soccer just don’t even cover this tournament mls ain’t never winning it.

    Today TomorrowToday Tomorrow2 个月 前
  • Mexicans, we really need to make our move to Conmebol. We will never grow if we get stuck here. Look at Tigres, they outplayed the Libertadores Champion tonight.

    Rotem PlatinoRotem Platino3 个月 前
    • Nos salimos de la libertadores y ya alcanzamos la final del mundial algo que nunca se habia hecho, por fin el que gana la Concacaf es un buen equipo y no un equipo random que con suerte llegaba a a las semis.

      Ralf MGRalf MG2 个月 前
  • Honestly, for the benefit of the mexican clubs, they should be allowed to participate in the Copa Libertadores, Mexicans are trying to grow their football standing and we can't grow in a region where we are pulling everyone else up. Sure the rest of the concacaf can say that Mexican clubs have a monetary safety net that allows them to get the best players...but that argument is lost when u discovered that Chivas has won this CCL tournament.. a team that only plays with Mexicans, and Mexican players that are only over priced because of the weird market that exist for them only in Mexico.

    mmmodafocammmodafoca3 个月 前
  • Another boring league another boring confederation. Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama need to be part of CONMEBOL. The tiny caribbean nations and island nations need to be their own confederation. Its really unfortunate that CONCACAF is not thinking bigger.

    Mind MeldMind Meld3 个月 前
  • The real purpose for this expansion is prevent from Liga MX to return to the COPA Libertadores. I really hope the Mexican FA rejects this format for they do play in South America. Hopefully in the future we can see MLS play in Libertadores as well.

    Andy GarciaAndy Garcia3 个月 前
    • If liga mx and mls goes to liberadores, does that mean the concacaf champions league is just gonna be Canada, Central America and Caribbean or we would just go to liberadores as well?

      whypopmusicsucks 0whypopmusicsucks 02 个月 前
  • So stupid !

    vicsa sanchezvicsa sanchez3 个月 前
  • CONCACAF is still no where near Europe or South America and wont be for a while but at least this is a foundation to work from. Having a competition that spans both fall and spring will help the confederation be more in line with the other confederations across the world. It’s in interest of MLS for these competitions to be more respectable and prestigious than what they are now so I’m happy they did this.

    John88OJohn88O3 个月 前
  • Love the guitars in the background!!!

    Tony R.Tony R.3 个月 前
  • Frankly it's FIFA trying to compete in America against NFL, NBA and baseball. MLS is still the red headed step child in the US. It shows true when he said "football first"...The only nation in North America that soccer is relevant is Mexico; and FIFA grinds their teeth at that. MLS to be on the same page as Europe is to switch to a fall/spring schedule. It can't do that because they can't compete for the sports dollar going against NFL, NBA head to head.

    Franklin LongFranklin Long3 个月 前
  • This tournament just doesn't cut it this area just sucks there is no competition creating rivalries I guess Mexican teams will always win they got the most cash MLS is not good enough for these type of thing's just yet

    Carlos OCarlos O3 个月 前
  • Concacaf just doesn't want Mexican teams to go play Libertadores because that's their biggest cash grabs. This is stupid. Lets face it concacaf is not a competitive region, Liga MX vs MLS is the only real rivalry and even then Mexico still surpasses them.

    Bad HombreBad Hombre3 个月 前
    • @Gustavo Liryco official Its only 5 teams because of the Canadian team. That berth is contested by non mls canadian teams too but none have won so far. It isnt an mls only berth

      RAMREYRAMREY2 个月 前
    • @Matheus Barros As much as I would like to see MLS in Copa Libertadores that would not be beneficial for anyone. The distance for anyone are just too long. In some cases it could even be up to 16 hour flight just one way! And take into account an MLS team in group stage would have to travel to South America 3 times while the South Americans will have to travel one 1 time to the North. It would be fun but just see it impossible.

      Mario LMario L2 个月 前
    • @Mario L I'm Brazilian,here we discuss that possiblity to gave Mexicans and Americans teams to our tournaments,in our vision,take MLS teams to compete against the best teams in South America has a oportunity to increse soccer on US and Canada and give to our side a great window to appear in TV,play in citys like NYC,Toronto,LA and Atlanta and increse the clubs fame in USA and Canada

      Matheus BarrosMatheus Barros2 个月 前
    • @Gustavo Liryco official Where do you get those numbers from? Do you even know how it works?

      Mario LMario L2 个月 前
    • @Mario L 5 team vs 4 and only 2 for the rest

      Gustavo Liryco officialGustavo Liryco official2 个月 前
  • What where the differences?

    diresa22diresa223 个月 前
  • Unfortunately, only two out of forty-one football member associations are competitive in CONCACAF Champions League with all the Champions coming from Mexico in the last twelve years.

    Mr.MeeseekMr.Meeseek3 个月 前
    • So who's fault is that, definitely not the Mx clubs fault they are not just building their team for Liga Mx tell such league to spend some money and get good player in their league

      Deco LardDeco Lard3 个月 前
    • Not twelve, but fifteen years.

      Wedderburn's WishWedderburn's Wish3 个月 前
  • I know as a european it's none of my business, but why no Concacaf/Conmebol CL merger? Same with OFC to join AFC's CL... Travel is a problem anyway within Central and Latin/South America.

    THO-BRO2000THO-BRO20003 个月 前
    • As a mexican, I totally approve this. Also changing to Conmebol would also be better

      Rotem PlatinoRotem Platino3 个月 前
    • @Mylittlesecretiamdeadpool I Understand that the CWC exists. I'm speaking about a different type of cup, altogether.

      Superkh13Superkh133 个月 前
    • @Superkh13 it already exists FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP the only difference is that all the club champions of every continent face each other in this prestigious cup = CWC (FIFA: Club World Cup)

      MylittlesecretiamdeadpoolMylittlesecretiamdeadpool3 个月 前
    • To add onto this idea, I would like to see something similar to the UEFA Super cup for Concacaf and Conmebol. Whoever wins CCL and Copa Libertadores face off in a one-match game to win something like a "Americas" Trophy. Something like that could eventually get the ball rolling between a Concacaf/Conmebol merger.

      Superkh13Superkh133 个月 前
    • Sounds like a better idea, but me as an American I would care less about the tournament I only watch champions league and club world cup (talking about continental clubs tournaments)

      MylittlesecretiamdeadpoolMylittlesecretiamdeadpool3 个月 前
  • Chivas thumbnail

    Luis GonzoLuis Gonzo3 个月 前