U.S. sets 2030 goals, Ronaldo/Juventus & more | EPISODE 130 | ALEXI LALAS STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST

2021年03月 2日
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Alexi and Mosse open the show discussing Thierry Henry stepping down as C.F. Montreal head coach, the new U.S. Soccer V.P., Key dates for USMNT in 2021, and the 2030 goals set for the women’s and men’s team (12:49). They look at Europe and chat about Cristiano Ronaldo’s lack of Champions League success at Juventus after Antonio Cassano’s comments make headlines. Gareth Bale’s rejuvenation, Manchester United’s fight to stay in the top 4, England’s consistent issue with VAR, and Schalke sacking its entire coaching staff (39:43). Fans asked the best player not named Pele to play in the USA, Alexi’s soccer investments in Detroit, and players wearing jewelry on the field in #AskAlexi (01:08:22). Finally, Alexi caps the show with his “One for the Road” on Zlatan Ibrahimović’s recent comments about LeBron James getting involved in politics (01:19:52) in another remote edition of the State of the Union Podcast.
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U.S. sets 2030 goals, Ronaldo/Juventus & more | EPISODE 130 | ALEXI LALAS STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST
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  • Absolutely disgusting what happened to Seth ... is this communist Russia where people get shut down for difference of opinion

    Dawg HouseDawg House2 个月 前
  • Great show 👍🍺⚽️♥️😎

    Joshua BlackJoshua Black2 个月 前
  • Enjoyed the show👍🇺🇸🍺🍕⚽️

    Joshua BlackJoshua Black2 个月 前
  • Politics and sports have always been intertwined. Whether it be in the times of maradona and pele as we saw in their docs or today w Lebron. If people don't want to hear about it then the simple solution is turn off the tv or watch a homogenized sport like hockey where all of the people look alike and generally have the same views. Fans don't get to dictate what athletes get to talk about. Sports is their job, it would be ludicrous to tell a fireman that he can't have an opinion on the issues of today. I also find it interesting that the people that make these claims generally having conservative/opposing views to what the athlete is espousing. Their gripe isn't the athlete speaking about politics, it's what side of the issues said athlete is standing for. When that UFC fighter was parading himself around trump the shut up and dribble crowd were mighty quiet.

    Ky 718Ky 7182 个月 前
    • @Dawg House n guess what, we don’t care... Some people just see it as just trivial debate and intelectual sparring but have no actual stakes, while others have actual skin in the game on these issues. But yet some random guy in the CNworld comments that’s defending a bigot is upset that I don’t want to exchange pleasantries with him. There’s no discourse to be had, there’s no logic that’s going to change minds of bigots, “you people” just need to continue to be ostracized from society.

      Ky 718Ky 7182 个月 前
    • @Ky 718 exactly why I and many others can’t take you people seriously

      Dawg HouseDawg House2 个月 前
    • @Ky 718 you did respond, but not to my last response. I guess if you couldn’t figure out what I was saying, your comprehension skills aren’t great are they? Of course you try to belittle me. Surprise surprise. Can’t actually hold up your argument. Surprise surprise.

      Dawg HouseDawg House2 个月 前
    • @Dawg House ...I responded, comprehension skills aren’t so great I see, surprise surprise. But yeah I won’t be responding again

      Ky 718Ky 7182 个月 前
    • Nothing to say surprise surprise

      Dawg HouseDawg House2 个月 前
  • Lebron vs Zlatan PPV Boxing Match lets go

    SeismicDeadliftSeismicDeadlift2 个月 前
  • They are the same goals because TV broadcasts were very rare at the time. Only 6% of Pelé's career has an image record. His most spectacular years were all broadcast on the radio. Pelé existed at a time without live TV, without Internet, without CNworld, without yellow cards and red cards and without substitutions during the game. It is almost a miracle that he did not have a very serious injury during his career.

    MVBELO BeloMVBELO Belo2 个月 前
  • Be brave enough to call it what it is Lalas. The purity test in the USSF and MLS has been around for a while and it's only getting more stringent.

    David HowardDavid Howard2 个月 前
  • Want to expand soccer in the US? Try focusing on the schools. In NJ, many middle schools and just about every public high school has a soccer program and the parents are already paying for it through their taxes.

    czarforeczarfore2 个月 前
  • USMNT on the top 10, realistic?😂 Can't even qualify to the world cup being on the sh1tty Concacaf region.

    Abbas TimmyAbbas Timmy2 个月 前
    • Much less passing the round of 16 😆 We don't have the guys that want to play

      Charles ReynoldsCharles Reynolds2 个月 前