Olympic heartbreak once again for USA + more | EPISODE 134 | ALEXI LALAS' STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST

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▶ Introduction (0:00)
▶ Alexi and Mosse open the show with a discussion on the failure of USMNT to qualify for the Olympics (6:01).
▶ The guys then grade US senior’s team and individual performances, including standout Sergino Dest and Gio Reyna’s body language (36:59).
▶ They look at the rest of the world and breakdown European World Cup qualifier matches, including the crazy Serbia vs. Portugal ending. They also touch on the lack of VR in international matches, Zlatan Ibrahimović back with Sweden, Luka Modric becomes the most capped Croatian player, and Robert Lewandowski’s injury (51:04).
▶ The guys then preview some big club matches for the weekend, Bayern Munich vs. RB Leipzig, LaLiga top 3, PSG vs. Lille and Arsenal vs. Liverpool, and touch on Xabi Alonso not signing with Borussia Monchengladbach, instead of signs extension with Real Sociedad B. They Looked at #AskAlexi, where fans asked about Bob Bradley as a person and how Alexi dealt with injuries. (01:02:51).
▶ Finally, Alexi caps the show with his “One for the Road,” where he answers a fan question if the USA’s Men soccer system is broken or just not good enough (01:14:53).
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Olympic heartbreak once again for USA + more | EPISODE 134 | ALEXI LALAS' STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST
FOX Soccer

  • We are such a divided country. I can see how this may affect this team. If you play for this country and you have the right to kneel in front of our flag, I hope you lose every single time. I hope we miss the World Cup as well.

    Erroneous MagnusErroneous Magnus个月 前
  • Honduras 💪

    Julio RamirezJulio Ramirez个月 前
  • Why are USA players so overrated?

    Samuel ValerioSamuel Valerio个月 前
  • Alexi forgot the Windex & Clorox wipes

    Leonardo OnceLeonardo Once个月 前
  • This guy is the same guy laughing and on camera saying that he wanted Mexico to fail and get destroyed. I am going to find the video

    u82zaru82zar个月 前
    • Because he knows Mexico is better. But who cares? He can say what he wants Mexico do all the talking in the field

      xenoflossxenofloss个月 前
  • Well at least the U.S has a chance of winning the prestigious Gold Cup

    Pinche BeanPinche Bean个月 前
  • Man seeing the U.S fail will never get old. 🇫🇷

    Christian CChristian C个月 前
    • Bust out the popcorn and enjoy the show lol

      A BA B个月 前
  • Can’t defend against tecatito

    LTX ShiftedLTX Shifted个月 前
  • Neither the senior teams wows anyone…

    LTX ShiftedLTX Shifted个月 前
  • I would really like it if mexico and usa schedule a fifa date to have an u23/24 only game. I wanna see that so bad.

    Eddy FloresEddy Flores个月 前
    • They just played and Mexico won

      u82zaru82zar个月 前
    • You could’ve seen that in the olympics but no.

      Bruno FenixBruno Fenix个月 前
  • This why America is bad at the sport. Many retired pros are in rooms with jerseys, trophies and awards, while Alexi’s room is filled with guitars. Just shows he doesn’t have passion for the sport and it’s just a job. That or he either had such an unsuccessful career that he doesn’t have any trophies or awards. Either way, still no football related object any where near his room.

    Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
    • What I’m saying is many retired pros who are now analyst, are in their “soccer rooms” meaning whatever room they’re recording in is filled with memorabilia of the sport, whether it’s old jerseys, scarves, trophies, medals and other awards because they have passion for the game. The game is their life. Where as Alexi, a retired USMNT defender has nothing soccer related in his room. He only has guitars which shows he had very little passion for the game and it’s just a hobby and not his life. That mindset of it being just a hobby vs it being their life, is why USMNT will never achieve success in the sport.

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
    • Lol what??? 😂

      ElCheDeNy 94ElCheDeNy 94个月 前
  • How come the woman's team doesn't play qualifiers for the Olympics or World Cup? Does anyone know? To my knowledge they don't. The women's team has it easy compared to the men's team.

    MrNitro071MrNitro071个月 前
    • @Dolores Atz Yeah, no competition means no interest. That is too bad and should change.

      MrNitro071MrNitro071个月 前
    • They do play in qualifiers in the concacaf But there is absolutely no competition because they play Mexico, Trinidad, Guatemala,etc and as you can imagine those counties barely have a women’s soccer program so the USA fly through them so nobody cares to watch those games...

      Dolores AtzDolores Atz个月 前
    • Cause nobody cares. We only watch to see Alex Morgan, Christine Press and the other cute girls.

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
  • I was fascinated at all the CNworld comments on the games video. I've never seen so many people play off not qualifying in the weakest region known as concacaf. "Not sanctioned fifa tournament" "We didn't have our best players" "Sub-23" I'm getting flashbacks of the weeks leading to the game against Trinidad that denied our word cup participation last time.

    Juan SJuan S个月 前
    • In short, “if I don’t win a tournament or qualify for a tournament, it doesn’t matter UNLESS I win it”.

      u82zaru82zar个月 前
    • Very weak mindset

      xenoflossxenofloss个月 前
  • hey guys, can you add a graphic on the video advising the topic of discussion in the moment since these are so long and the topics are summarized at the top of the hour?

    Levi GormanLevi Gorman个月 前
  • You gotta give credit to Honduras and their entire football organization. The top brass, the coaches, the players and medical staff all had one goal in mind and that is to win at all cost.

    David SabillonDavid Sabillon个月 前
  • USA played well, the sub23 will have to take this loss and learn from it. Animos from a Mexican

    Factors KnownFactors Known个月 前
  • 🇺🇸 reached the best it will reach give it other 40 years cause of now they got nothing

    Don NadieDon Nadie个月 前
  • US soccer sucks

    Genti CezmaxhiGenti Cezmaxhi个月 前
  • Can we even start to question the choice of Kreis as the coach?? HE chose the U23 players whom this all "came down to" and he coached them to this disaster. When people talk about the "system" they are in part referring to a system that makes questionable-to-bad hires like Kreis which fail and no one is held accountable. Not even the loudest voices even addressed it on this show.

    Douglass FrederickDouglass Frederick个月 前
    • Exactly. Manager didn’t take this serious when he fielded his bench players against Mexico

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
  • Tell it Lex !!! Tell it!!!!

    Doctor MindBenDaDoctor MindBenDa个月 前
  • I bet Sergino Dest is sure regretting not representing his country, Holland. he definitely would of been a starter, well it least u'll make it least with the u.s. you'll make it to the world cup.

    Vincenzo VieriVincenzo Vieri个月 前
    • I’m very sure he’s regretting his decision. The US is an average joe soccer team with a sprinkle of 3 to 4 solid players.

      A BA B个月 前
    • Doubt he's regretting anything. Zero evidence of that. All the evidence shows that he is enjoying his time with a group of very talented players that are pretty much all his age. Also, and I think you alluded to this, NED has a much tougher road to qualifying than the US.

      Douglass FrederickDouglass Frederick个月 前
  • I think it's time to bring coach Lasso back to the US and take over the national team!!!

    ACAC个月 前
  • Soccer isn't basketball, baseball or American football. First, world soccer is better than us and we are far behind to catch up. Second, coaching in all MLS teams need to get coaching boost. We need to create finishers and playmakers players. Soccer has to be effortable to all and we need more soccer fields. With smart plan USA soccer will see a better days. For USMT take cold shower and get ready for the 2022 world cup qualification, our younger players needs to see you succeed.

    Shane TShane T个月 前
    • Thank you for your comment, I agree and don't forget better team formations and tactics. We also need a high level coach (who has a wining menality) to take the player to deferent level this takes few years with many match experience. Don't forget less politics in selecting players.

      Shane TShane T个月 前
    • USMNT won’t succeed with great finishers and playmakers when there’s no solid Center Backs or goalies.

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
  • Dest and Pulisic looked really dangerous on that left side

    christisn salaschristisn salas个月 前
  • I am both Honduran+American, and wanted both 🇭🇳 & 🇺🇸 to go the Olympics. But honestly, USA was a complete disaster in this tournament. Today, Honduras played better than Mexico. They keep growing

    Anthony RapaloAnthony Rapalo个月 前
    • @u82zar Honduran living in Canada, here. I watch all the Canadian games, the CANMNT games, etc. I want Canada to qualify to every competition possible. I want them to succeed. That being said, Canada had no real offensive power. Cornelius was the best on the field and he's a defense. This despite being a very organized and cohesive team. The Hon-Can game showed a more offensive Honduras, out-shooting Canada 5-to-1. The same problems with Canada were seen against México. When Mexico-Canada played each other, Canada showed very little opportunities to score: 19-to-3. That needs to improve! Any way, the Haiti game is unfortunate but it's not the first time. In 2008, Cuba had 7 players defect and leave the team during the tournament and an expulsion in a previous match meant they had to start with only 10 men. Honduras has qualified to 4 straight Olympics tournaments and there's a reason for that. Because theres a consistent and proven method for producing youth players.

      Carlo ValleCarlo Valle个月 前
    • Honduras played against Haiti in their first match without a goalkeeper and one man less player on the pitch. Honduras’ 2 goals scored against Haiti without a goalkeeper is what positioned then as leader of group B. Canada would have loved to have played Haiti without a goalkeeper also in which they could have been positioned as top of group B. Mexico would have played all their starters in the semifinals and eliminated Honduras. Olympic qualifying tournament 2021: Mexico 5-0 Honduras 2-1-3

      u82zaru82zar个月 前
    • @Micheal Johnson lmao

      A BA B个月 前
    • @OTT Leo lmao. Even the Mexican sports press had largely agreed the win was pure luck. Anyway, I think it's rich that a Tri fan comes off this way when we heard for years you guys complain about the #NoEraPenal

      Carlo ValleCarlo Valle个月 前
    • @OTT Leo is that your only argument? 💀 Even I noticed that Mexico could have lost the game. It doesn’t take a genius to see Mexico didn’t play like they did the whole tournament that being said they had a hard time against Honduras I’m glad Mexico won but they didn’t play nice football deserve to win the game.

      Jordy PerezJordy Perez个月 前

    Robert PesaturoRobert Pesaturo个月 前
  • Mexico wins another PreOlympic Championship.

    Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers个月 前
    • Anthony Rapalo Honduras played well but do not agree with better. Honduras did get 4 yellow cards but Honduras is known for playing like that (fouls, kicks etc...): Honduras Mexico 14 Shots 16 7 Shots on target 4 42% possession 58% 366 passes. 483 75% pass accuracy 79% 22 fouls 18 4 Yellow cards. 0 0 red cards 0 2 offsides. 2 4 Córners. 4

      u82zaru82zar个月 前
    • Yea, but Honduras 🇭🇳 played better.

      Anthony RapaloAnthony Rapalo个月 前
  • I agree with Alexi saying he wouldn't want to get in a fight with this team backing him up. This is why we miss guys like Clint Dempsey because that was never a problem with him on the pitch.

    GamingTremorGamingTremor个月 前
  • Alexis Lalas and Stew Holden failed to put pressure on Jason Kries to step down! On national T.V. you both had the opportunity to call Jason out to step down but you choose to make excuses and said nothing!!! American Soccer media is freakin awful!

    SoccerboymediaSoccerboymedia个月 前
    • You're dead on.

      Douglass FrederickDouglass Frederick个月 前
  • Where were you Alexi a few months ago when coach Kreis and weak team were announced? Any word on Atlanta’s bad will? There were a couple of knowledgeable voices here on CNworld that have been saying for a while that this was a potential disaster in the making... a long time ago...Fillippo (Tactical Manager) and Pete (11 Yanks)...

    sheldoninstsheldoninst个月 前
  • Hey big red I miss the days of you brian mcbride cobi jones man even recent landon donavon, why don't you coach the U.S.

    Ty JeffersonTy Jefferson个月 前
  • When you hire someone like Kreis who doesn’t know anything about football, you shouldn’t be surprised when something horrible happens

    Joseantonio GarciaJoseantonio Garcia个月 前
    • Only cause he was a hall of foward with Dallas and Salt Lake and won MLS Cup as a coach

      Ademir SeguraAdemir Segura个月 前
  • the fact that the US cant field 2 under 23 teams of top talent is pathetic. Belgium, Germany and France could field three top teams. Also, no serious country is playing a false 9 anymore. Direct football has been the new trend for the last 5 years.

    F MF M个月 前
  • Speaking about the USWNT. What happened to Alexi's wedding dress?

    czarforeczarfore个月 前
  • The only chance we’ll play in the Olympics and World Cup is if we are the host country. USSF since your not gonna pay the WNT, better use those millions and “donate” them to FIFA members.

    Xue YangXue Yang个月 前
    • How does WNT deserve more money when no one watches them or goes to the games? That’s where they money they want and claim to deserve come from.

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
    • 2026 WC and 2028 Olympics😂😂😂

      Abbas TimmyAbbas Timmy个月 前
  • Lalas, Just say the players were not good enough to play the style they wanted to play.

    Yeeleng VangYeeleng Vang个月 前
    • And just say the coach who chose those players and tactics was terrible and was just hired because he is part of the good 'ol boy network.

      Douglass FrederickDouglass Frederick个月 前
  • Would have liked to see Stu Holden as a guest again or Taylor Twellman too so he can have his famous rants

    SeismicDeadliftSeismicDeadlift个月 前
    • I enjoy that 5’4” manlet’s rant

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
  • Sergiño Dest is an outstanding Dutch footballer.

    Colin ReeseColin Reese个月 前
    • @Jordy Perez Pulisic is second generation American but I understand your point.

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
    • Most definitely, I think that’s the advantage the U.S has, they have so many immigrants who have children who grow to play this sport and they get dual citizenship, most pick the US because they grew up in the US. The two main ones right now are pulisic and dest.

      Jordy PerezJordy Perez个月 前
    • Soccer-wise, he's not Dutch. That's all we care about here.

      Douglass FrederickDouglass Frederick个月 前
    • Which got stolen by USA.

      max Maxiemax Maxie个月 前
  • MLS should not be able to withhold domestic players from the USMNT

    RomeDCarloRomeDCarlo个月 前
    • MLS wouldn’t been made to look bad after they failed to qualify for the Olympics with their best assets

      Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson个月 前
    • @Uzoma im not saying they aren't good but no more noise

      Roberto TorresRoberto Torres个月 前
    • @Roberto Torres big guy, how many english teams are in the champions league and the europa league this season?

      UzomaUzoma个月 前
    • @Uzoma come on now epl is nothing compared to how it was

      Roberto TorresRoberto Torres个月 前
    • @Roberto Torres oh how so?

      UzomaUzoma个月 前