Battle for USA/Mexico dual-national + more | EPISODE 131 | ALEXI LALAS STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST

2021年03月 9日
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Alexi and Mosse open the show discussing CONMEBOL suspending March World Cup qualifiers due to COVID-19 restrictions (13:40). The guys then talk about MLS’s responsibility to release players for USMNT, the battle for USA/Mexico dual nationals young talent (27:42), and the MLS investigation launched against Inter Miami CF signing of Blaise Matuidi. They look at Europe and chat about the Manchester derby, Madrid Derby, Josh Sargent’s impressive season at Werder Bremen so far (53:17), Bayern Munich vs. Dortmund, and the Champions League preview. They Looked at #AskAlexi, where fans asked about scrapping VAR and salary caps in the MLS (01:03:48). Finally, Alexi caps the show with his “One for the Road” on the goal of USA youth soccer beyond the field (01:18:40) in another remote edition of the State of the Union Podcast.
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Battle for USA/Mexico dual-nationals + more | EPISODE 131 | ALEXI LALAS STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST
FOX Soccer

  • 31:30. The USA should buy a World Cup..👌👌😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪

  • Alexi: the role of US youth soccer development is to create better people. Me: ... so that we, the better people, can root in the World Cup for a USMNT developed overseas.

    J NJ N个月 前
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    Patricio BeltranPatricio Beltran2 个月 前
  • Derby is pronounced Darby. Who says so, the people of derby and Derbyshire.

    Neil GayleardNeil Gayleard2 个月 前
  • Hispanic should go to the us because Mexico is there parents country not theirs

    Aaron Alexander TX adventuresAaron Alexander TX adventures2 个月 前
    • so should dest,Ferreira,Bello,rayna,brooks ect... do the same ?

      henry ghenry g个月 前
  • The music was better though for the west coast hip hop. Took from 70s funk. Some sampled and some created.

    christisn salaschristisn salas2 个月 前
  • Alexi!! Coming 2 America sucked! It was like Usmnt vs T&T in Cuba world cup qualification match. I dont know wich one was worse. Watching Usmnt not qualify or watching that horrible sequal

    christisn salaschristisn salas2 个月 前
  • Very objective podcast. Alexi made a good point @29:17 about at what point does it become mercenary. Both countries have a poor record at disclosing incentives given to players to join a certain club. In Mexico anything goes and the US has a poor record with recruiting college athletes by giving them cash incentives. It will be interesting to see if players make the right choice and continue their international career or end up forgotten and regretting their decision.

    Albert SmithAlbert Smith2 个月 前