Phil Neville on MLS & difference in coaching Women and Men | ALEXI LALAS’ STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST

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Phil Neville chats with Alexi Lalas and talks about adapting to the MLS, his style of play, the difference between coaching Women and Men, generational differences in players, his sales pitch to Inter Miami CF, his thoughts on American soccer media, and his favorite Cuban food.
► Start, 2021 MLS preseason, Miami’s roster and style of play (0:00).
► Difference in coaching Men and Women (2:30).
► Adapting to the MLS (4:05).
► Differences between coaching different generations (5:39).
► Sales pitch to Inter Miami CF front office (6:48).
► Feedback for the American soccer media (8:07).
Cuban sandwiches (9:36).
► Proudest moment coaching Women’s England Soccer team in the FIFA World Cup (9:55).
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Phil Neville on MLS & difference in coaching Women and Men | ALEXI LALAS’ STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST
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  • Do you agree with Phil Neville?

    FOX SoccerFOX Soccer25 天 前
    • He's right. It's science

      Massive Deal CloserMassive Deal Closer24 天 前
    • Yes

      Mr. Fil-AmMr. Fil-Am25 天 前
    • Yes.

  • It's extremely difficult for any ⚽️ fan to follow a team in this league, as there are no clubs in the MLS 🤷‍♂️

    Mauricio MilanoMauricio Milano6 天 前
  • i mean if a overweight higuin can go and be the starting st on a team it is kinda easy

    Ozuka BeatsOzuka Beats20 天 前
  • "boys and girls are different .... " Uh oh, Phil, be careful. Not only are you coaching in the MLS, arguable the home of the most sensitive (aka stupidly Woke) fanbase in all of professional US sports, but you're living in an American society that's constantly finding ways to become upset about anything. Quick tip: Just say boys and girls are the same in every way.

    LandInbetweenLandInbetween22 天 前
  • He sounds good

    talljibtalljib23 天 前
  • You better eat that Cuban sandwich papa 🇨🇺

    danrunn23danrunn2323 天 前
  • Making too much sense

    jaime Jamesjaime James24 天 前
  • Men and Women are different? The CNworld engineers would have kittens if they saw this.

    GamingTremorGamingTremor24 天 前
  • Man speaks the truth about the MLS. People think it's easy but they are basing everything off just on the field performance. People need to take in consideration the amount of travel from one match to another. The US is huge. Also, the differences in climate as well. One week you will play in very hot temps then another week you're freezing cold. Some, not all, Europeans need to understand that. Not everyone from Europe who comes to MLS succeed. But those from the rest of the Americas seem to do just fine.

    Mr. Fil-AmMr. Fil-Am25 天 前
    • When you play in Germany, you have to take a bus ride for 4-5 hours many times. I honestly prefer to do those 4-5 hours on a plane 😉

      Mauricio MilanoMauricio Milano6 天 前
    • Shhhh......You are speaking too much facts.

      That's DebatableThat's Debatable24 天 前
  • Phil said in this interview "Women aren't men, and men aren't women. You need some kinda differences within that (preping for match). You need work at different intensity, or train them differently". That could get him in trouble in today's America, sadly.

    TigerOutaCageTigerOutaCage25 天 前
  • Neville is right

    Severed YakheadSevered Yakhead25 天 前
  • I'd be surprised if Neville is ever allowed to coach a women's squad again. He was right though

    FlyHi 808FlyHi 80825 天 前
  • The man needs glasses. He doesn't know where the camera is

    Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SCTroy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC25 天 前
    • Or he’s watching the monitor where lalas is and the camera is at a different angle. Big brain

      Alex VazquezAlex Vazquez23 天 前
  • Women complain more and play slower.

    Abbas TimmyAbbas Timmy25 天 前