USWNT's Crystal Dunn, Christen Press are 'absolute starters right now' - Alexi Lalas | FOX SOCCER

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After USWNT's 2-0 win over Brazil in the SheBelieves Cup, Alexi Lalas breaks down whose stock is up and down. Alexi said that if there was any doubt, there shouldn't be any more about Crystal Dunn and Christen Press being starters going forward after their respective performances on Sunday.
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USWNT's Crystal Dunn, Christen Press are 'absolute starters right now' - Alexi Lalas | FOX SOCCER
FOX Soccer

  • Will Crystal Dunn and Christen Press both be starters for USWNT in the Olympics?

    FOX SoccerFOX Soccer2 个月 前
    • The USWNT's Bench has always been DEEP. They've both been starter quality for the last 10 years.

      Keaos0Keaos02 个月 前
    • yes. absolutely.

      hehenahhehenah2 个月 前
    • if they maintain that level ... Crystal in the challenge cup and Press in Europe would be the most logical ... 4 years ago on the paper there were 6 midfielders and 4 forwards, putting Tobin and Carly as means ... we do not know if Vlatko will carry 5 and 5 or will do the same 6 and 4, thus the decision on 18 will burn as they just said many talents and elders will remain on the chair, these months are vital ... Tobin and Sam will surely recover, we do not know in the end what will happen to Aly and Ashlyn

      eugen bermudezeugen bermudez2 个月 前
    • No doubt, unstoppable duo 👑, Legends

      Andrea CcAndrea Cc2 个月 前

    nakfx134nakfx134个月 前
  • Women's soccer is a joke.

    ananthu nathananthu nath个月 前
  • isn’t sauerbrunn super fast? i guess top team forwards, no?

    kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
  • Lyn should do so some lateral movements when going for the strike. Press is very good on that.

    Gina AtienzaGina Atienza2 个月 前
  • For once Alexi is speaking absolute truth, Dunn (playing outside her natural position) and Christen have been clutch. I’m sure shortly he’ll insist that the USWNT has no shot at winning the Olympics. And it might be an unpopular opinion, but even pre-baby, I believed Christen to be a more impactful player than Alex Morgan.

    Peta BlackPeta Black2 个月 前
  • To RSR: blah blah blah

    Patricia TorresPatricia Torres2 个月 前
  • The team is missing Tobin Heath

    kat mossakat mossa2 个月 前
  • Dislike 👎🏽 Lynn Williams deserves more intelligent analysis than Lalas

    Joe HowardJoe Howard2 个月 前
  • Lynn Williams Most Valuable 🇺🇸 Forward Sad that these “experts” don’t understand that forwards that do more than score..... for example press, pass, dribble, release pressure and provide service in the box. Christine Press only does one thing better than Lynn Williams right now and that’s score

    Joe HowardJoe Howard2 个月 前
    • is not the soccer game about score. ifu cant score u r not good foward simple.

      Kareen MlawiKareen Mlawi2 个月 前
  • They played great, let’s not forget Brazil is a top ten team

    Joe HowardJoe Howard2 个月 前
  • the team needs a couple of more players like Horan, her soccer iq and consistency.

    Mariachee BandidosMariachee Bandidos2 个月 前
    • She's been superb in these two games.

      John SteeleJohn Steele2 个月 前
  • I would love to see O' Reilly narrating the game instead of JP! This dude be calling off wrong plays, wrong players names like yesterday's game when Press had the ball he said it was Morgan and called Dahlkemper Saurerbrunn etc he's just all over the place and it gets old after awhile when he repeats the same thing over and over and has nothing new to say! Heather comes off good in front of the screen and knows what she's talking about I think she would be great at commenting during the game just my opinion

    A12 MartinezA12 Martinez2 个月 前
    • JP adds nothing. Wagner rattles off jargon at an unvarying emotional pitch.

      John SteeleJohn Steele2 个月 前
  • Of course they are

    Jesse MullenJesse Mullen2 个月 前
  • Wish tobin isnt injured

    tnsfmj15tnsfmj152 个月 前
    • @713.hannah Yeah, unfortunately she will be out for the next 3 months

      NJNJ2 个月 前
    • shes injured?? no wayy

      713.hannah713.hannah2 个月 前
  • Well the USWNT are the defending world champions and 4 time world champions, so we only have to see if the rest of the world can compete with this team or not. But right now the USA women's team is the team to beat.

    Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • @AryanYudha I wasn't really that impressed with Spain in France 2019. I was more impressed with Holland women's team which is also known as the famous orange team. I would rank Holland 2 ahead of Spain and France. Brazil is the best team in South America in the women's game. As far as the men's game is with Qatar 2022 with the 22nd world championship, the main competition still remains between Europe and South America as Africa, Oceania, Asia are trying to make a name for themselves in the men's world cup. The only country which can serious dethrone Europe is Brazil. Other teams in South America which can represent the Americas well besides the United States would be Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • @AryanYudha I strongly disagree because there is more visibility and prestige in both the men and women's world cup in soccer-football. The world championships organized by Fifa are growing bigger with a global audience by the billions hence a lot of countries are going to want to have their country win the World Cup. Europe so far has taken a dominant position over their arch rival South America in the men's game but Qatar 2022 will be super competitive as well Australia New Zealand 2023 for the women's world championship.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • @Roger Stephen Roth Oops forget your ridiculous statement sure women's division getting competitive the mens division is not getting more competitive. It has been competitive since the 80's a touch more competitive since the '90s with African nations coming to the fore. But the mens divsion is not getting more competitive it is as competitive as is has been for around 30 years. To win a world cup has been shockingly difficult for like 40 years no easy wins unlike in the women's game that is why USA has won 4 hardly any country in the past played women's football.

      AryanYudhaAryanYudha2 个月 前
    • @Roger Stephen Roth USWNT skills wise nope Spain better, I would say USWNT have the edge in fitness. I would put the USWNT third as of right now with Spain and Germany better. The big issue I see is half the first team is old where is the new talent coming from especially in defence USWNT looking a bit slow and aged. USWNT deserved to win the last world cup they were lucky in 2015, very lucky with questionable refereeing to get past Germany in 2015 and they did not win gold in 2016. Many countries are now investing in womens football especially in the domestic leagues this is a bad sign for the future of the NWSL hey many college stars electing to straightaway head to Europe to france or spain and many top US talents wanting to play in England.

      AryanYudhaAryanYudha2 个月 前
    • @AryanYudha It is good to see both the men and women's division are getting more competitive world wide. I still think the USWNT set the gold standard while the rest of the world is trying to catch up. The United States deserves to have won the World Cups and Olympic gold for the excellent standards they set in the women's team.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
  • Wow Alexis didn’t mention set pieces 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    juvi22003juvi220032 个月 前
  • Press, Morgan, & Williams are starter!!!!

    Pheng VuePheng Vue2 个月 前
    • @Swiper No Swiping watch her defending. girl goes all out.

      kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
    • pinoe , or willaims

      kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
    • @Jaelyn Honaker If that’s the starting three they will be very slow

      Joe HowardJoe Howard2 个月 前
    • Williams is terrible.

      Jesse MullenJesse Mullen2 个月 前
    • no when tobin is back it will be Christen Alex and tobin

      Jaelyn HonakerJaelyn Honaker2 个月 前
  • christen press needs to start every game. She is absolutely balling rn. along with rose lavelle and sam mewis. Lynn Williams just doesn't have the ball skills to start or be effective. Carli Lloyd is getting older and not as good as she used to be, when she's off, she is OFF and the US can't have that. We need Kelley O'Hara back in the lineup and NOT sonnet.

    hehenahhehenah2 个月 前
    • i think carly did great. played good defense. i don’t think she’s gotten worse. that’s just the narrative. she looks fit. just her headers are off.

      kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
    • vlatko said sonnett can play both sides. i think she will make olympics. o’hara is always injured.

      kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
    • definitely press except pinoe is a better first half starter. in the olympics, he will definitely be rotating the players. so many games in a short amount of time. sam mewis and horan are just phenomenal. they both have different strengths. it will depend on who we play. oh and lavelle is not bad 😊

      kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
    • well, her defense and tracking back is the part that’s not praised. the defending as a forward. that’s her big strength vlatko says. she still shoots (and misses) quite a bit and is shaky but imagine her coming at you in the 80th minute as a defender. 😊

      kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
    • i like lavelle but she held the ball too much this game.

      713.hannah713.hannah2 个月 前
  • There is no question the USWNT is the best team in the world, so unless we see some miracle underdog team really so something amazing in the next Olympics or World Cup, it is hard to say this team will be dethroned.

    Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • @Giada :p USWNT deserved to win their 4 world championships. In comparison to the rest of the world the United States has shown they have had the best team in the world. Now whether the rest of the world will catch up may it be from the traditional powerhouses in the men's game which will want to field good women's team that is the most likely possible scenario. Unlike the men which have had 21 world championships in Fifa World Cups, the women only had 8 so far with 9th world championship coming up in 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. The national teams do care about winning as much for both men and women's teams because the women's division since France 2019 has grown in popularity as women athletes are given more opportunities to show their talents in the sport.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • Not if they play as they have been in this tournament. Women's soccer is getting more competitive. Their wont be long lasting Dynasties like the USWNT forever

      Giada :pGiada :p2 个月 前
  • As a fan one thing which has bothered me and disappointed me was Fifa's decision to keep the Olympics a under 23 amateur competition for the men's tournament. I also was very disappointed they cancelled the Fifa Confederations Cup instead of expanding a tournament for both the men and women's division. I don't get why Fifa allows the women to play with their full professional senior teams and not the men in the Olympics who are restricted to a under 23 competition almost like a Under 23 World Cup. I wish Fifa would do new rankings for the club teams not just national teams as well rank the under 23, under 20, under 17 national teams. The Elo football world rankings are actually pretty decent and they can be compared to Fifa's world rankings. I think Fifa got the decision right with VAR which has brought justice to the sport. UEFA has too much power right now as many of the elite club levels have stronger advantages compared to Comebol, Concacaf, AFC, OFC, CAF in terms of having world class talent being developed and club teams which can compete for world titles as we seen in the Fifa Club World Cup. I would be in favor of bringing a third extra time with a Golden goal, Silver Goal, Bronze goal rule with the first 5 minutes being worth a golden goal which would win the game, silver goal worth 2 goals after the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes a Bronze goal worth just one goal to avoid Penalty Kick shoot out. All this would happen after 2 extra times have been used up in the process and nobody scores, so in a way it is a last chance attempt until one can avoid a PK shoot out. I also think Fifa should continue hosting the Fifa Club World Cup annually not have it as a 4 year tournament like the Fifa World Cup. Nobody will remain interested in club level because clubs tend to trade and sell their top talent over the years and it would not accurately reflect the best club team in the world. I would hope Fifa considers expanding a bigger tournament for the Fifa Confederations Cup and brings that tournament back one day. I hope they consider giving more awards to best players on their positions of the game from each continent: North America, Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Oceania and best positions in the world for every position of the game and of course the world's best player or world player of the year: Fifa's best, Ballon d'or, Fifa player of the year.

    Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • Olympic football in men's is u23 because the professional men already have enough games from professional season to World Cup and euro, copa America etc. In women's they don't have as many opportunities to be in spotlight competing for big honors, so its natural that for women's they have the full teams

      A WA W2 个月 前
  • USWNT are the queens of the sport so far, but I am not really sure if there is anyone there to dethrone them. Perhaps Brazil, England, Spain, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Germany could surprise us in the future. Maybe Brazil could come up with some interesting competition for the United States women's team.

    Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • @Jesse Mullen I would not rule out Brazil, England, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Norway, France, Netherlands as the other women teams which will show their competitive nature against the world's 1 USA.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • Recently Spain has been dangerous for the US

      Jesse MullenJesse Mullen2 个月 前
    • @Patricia Torres If that was the case then the USA would have won every World Cup and Olympic gold up to this day, but a monopoly in any sport is impossible. But in terms of dominance USA women's team won half of the World Cup contests so far being 4 out of 8 as well many Olympic golds. The rest of the world Germany won 2, Japan and Norway won the other World Cups 1995, 2003,2007,2011. Lets not forget what happened in Rio 2016 in Brazil and China 2007 in the World Cup.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • @Pilar Islas Canarias Germany women's team is a 2 time world champion. Germany is the only country in the world who has both a world champion men's team and women's team. Germany won 4 world titles with their men's team and 2 with their women. Japan and Norway have also managed to be world champions. Brazil has been improving but not really sure if they can live up the same reputation the legendary men's team which won 5 world titles have done. Sweden is a decent team in the women's division along with Canada and Australia. Spain and France have been improving over the years and could prove interesting along with England. In regards to the men's competition the competition is brutal but it seems Europe is the best in the world in both national team competition World Cups and club level. The biggest 3 from South America such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay have not been able to compete with Europe's elite national teams, and this is considering Brazil is the world's biggest champion in the sport being a 5 time world champion historically.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • Spain will be the biggest competitor ...

      Pilar Islas CanariasPilar Islas Canarias2 个月 前
  • USWNT has done so well, why has the USMNT not been able to have that type of success with the men's division? Doesn't it feel strange that the women are ranked 1 in the world while the men are still ranked 22? By 2026 it will make 96 years and the men's team never have won a World Cup nor have ever been world champions.

    Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • @John Steele But overall even with that it is still strange given the United States has the best sports program in the world. USA national team always ranks 1 in the world in the Olympics practically with the most gold medals and medals overall the same with the world championships. USA is ranked 3rd all time in the Winter Olympics in comparison to the Summer. It just seems odd that given the tradition of America being a super power and a powerhouse in sports has a empty trophy cabinet in the men's World Cup. It is like one of the only sports which the United States has never world a world championship and in regards I say the men's division because the women's division is the women's division where the USA is 1 in the world. I don't know what happened to soccer here, and it is odd considering America has its roots with England being a former British colony as you would think given the ties the USA has with Great Britain the sport would have been more popular in the United States.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
    • to be fair, the USWNT had a massive first-mover advantage over almost every country in the world in terms of adopting women's team sports and soccer in particular. (you can thank Title IX for that.) the men are laboring under a severe last-mover disadvantage. the vast, vast majority of athletic American males choose football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and track-and-field. although that's changing at the margin, the men have to catch up to Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, France, etc.--- no small feat!

      John SteeleJohn Steele2 个月 前
  • Lynn only has pace. Her shooting is poor, ball control, dribbling, and crossing. Just not right for the Olympic roster

    Chelsea4Life 23Chelsea4Life 232 个月 前
    • @Joe Howard you mean facts

      Chelsea4Life 23Chelsea4Life 232 个月 前
    • Ignorant Comment

      Joe HowardJoe Howard2 个月 前
    • Exactly

      Jesse MullenJesse Mullen2 个月 前
    • This is the best women's team in the world and they are 4 time world champions, we will only know for sure when the Olympics and World Cup will come if they dethrone the Queens of the game. The only competition I can seriously think of which can challenge the United States may be Germany, Brazil, Australia, France, Spain, England, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Norway but overall there is no question the United States is the best team in the world so far.

      Roger Stephen RothRoger Stephen Roth2 个月 前
  • Lynn Williams a speed concern with Dahlkemper and Sauerbrunn? Alexi’s analysis is usually decent... but the real problem with Williams is NOT her world class speed, but rather her poor ball skills.... specifically in the 2nd half when she had that run all alone, she kept the ball close to her feet which slowed her down, thereby allowing the defenders to catch her... if Williams had kept the ball at least 3-4 feet away she would have had room to run full speed and also stay ahead of the defenders and possibly get a clean shot on goal... it also shows Tobin Heath’s quality at that position... Heath was sorely missed with both her speed and equally brilliant skills. Dahlkemper and Sauerbrunn have always been suspect when it comes to communication and average speed.. but the defender that was noticeably vulnerable was Sonett... why wasn’t she mentioned since she got outrun a lot!

    sheldoninstsheldoninst2 个月 前
    • @Jesse Mullen I would agree... except that Williams is the fastest female soccer player around. It’s difficult to teach speed... but yeah, her ball skills are mediocre. Sonnett seems to be on the team because of decent club performances....

      sheldoninstsheldoninst2 个月 前
    • Sonnett and Williams probably aren't national team material if I'm being honest

      Jesse MullenJesse Mullen2 个月 前
    • Love how he mentioned her... because she was having to do Sonnett job all game.

      shinta0013shinta00132 个月 前
    • I heard it differently. I think he said Lynn Williams is a problem -- micropause -- and the center backs were exposed for lack of speed.

      John SteeleJohn Steele2 个月 前
    • @sheldoninst totally agree! Sonnett is good when attacking but doesn’t work back and seems to be hesitant in tackles. Dunn is definitely holding down her side. Kelley is really needed right now! Vlatko should also give casey short/krueger a chance bc she is a good 1v1 defender but doesn’t get up as much as Sonnett.

      Alexa SiobhanAlexa Siobhan2 个月 前
  • He made a good point about the lack of speed at center back. They may have to keep that line deeper in the Olympics, or play Ertz back there.

    ThreeRunHomerThreeRunHomer2 个月 前
    • yes! but her never puts her there to practice. or dunn as forward. 😊

      kirstie bkirstie b2 个月 前
    • But Lalas oddly failed to mention the most vulnerable defender of all, namely Sonett. Lalas also oddly mischaracterized Williams’ deficiency as speed related rather than ball skills!

      sheldoninstsheldoninst2 个月 前
  • Get outta here..... Morgan was only good at getting wrecked.. Keep it real....

    Fastbreak08Fastbreak082 个月 前