Chris Richards’ goal is to win the 2026 World Cup for USA | ALEXI LALAS' STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST

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Alexi Lalas explains why he loves that USMNT defender Chris Richards has his sight on winning the 2026 World Cup that will take place in North America.
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Chris Richards’ goal is to win the 2026 World Cup for USA | ALEXI LALAS' STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST
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  • Do you agree with Alexi Lalas?

    FOX SoccerFOX Soccer个月 前
    • no

      TheMaskedMagicTheMaskedMagic个月 前
    • Yes

      jon akersjon akers个月 前
  • They will never win a World Cup and the us don’t have manners

    mobile player Lmobile player L个月 前
  • Hahaha usa will not win the world cup 2026...keep dreaming

    Oscar DiosdadoOscar Diosdado个月 前
    • 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

      mobile player Lmobile player L个月 前
  • the worst part is that the US is already in the 2026 World Cup lol

    Damian FernandezDamian Fernandez个月 前
  • Stupid

    A AldreteA Aldrete个月 前
  • Why are we waiting until 2026. There’s a World Cup next year? Why not try to win that one? Lol

    cap2981cap2981个月 前
    • @cap2981 of course, but the 2026 cup is on American soil. What team wouldn't fantasize about taking home the cup on home grounds? doesn't mean they won't do their best in 22

      Sam LevySam Levy个月 前
    • @Sam Levy whether you have the means to win now or in 2026, your goal should always be to win. Otherwise why are you playing? Lol. That’s how Cinderella teams come to be. They play as a united team and have the confidence to beat anyone. Idk. That’s just me. But of course get their players more exposure to the world stage and build that team up to a true contender.

      cap2981cap2981个月 前
    • winning in 2022 is a bit premature for the group they have now. But in 2026 when all these 20, 21 and 22 year olds are in their primes AND the world cup is hosted by America, they may be a real contender

      Sam LevySam Levy个月 前
  • They have an amazing talents!!!

    M SM S个月 前
  • They'll be doing well to get out of their group

    The JesterThe Jester个月 前
    • All their exciting young talent will be in their prime by then, and its going to be played in the US. Depending on the development over the next few years the US team could certainly be a world class international team playing on home soil in the world cup.

      Sam LevySam Levy个月 前
  • Gotta love a young mans optimism, but let’s get real. 😂

    fglend73fglend73个月 前
    • I seriously wouldn’t doubt him

      Jacob MitchellJacob Mitchell个月 前
    • But when Nigerians and Algerians were hopeful of bringing the WC to Africa, y'all supported them. If you're not in it to win it, then why are we in it?

      therealbomb_ comtherealbomb_ com个月 前
  • Better first qualify dipshits!

    J fox40J fox40个月 前
  • You can’t even win the gold cup😂

    Jose CJose C个月 前
    • @mobile player L nobody is saying anything though so why the hate

      SamplingMastersXLR8SamplingMastersXLR8个月 前
    • The us will never be top class

      mobile player Lmobile player L个月 前
    • @SamplingMastersXLR8 so has Canada

      Playboy PvbloPlayboy Pvblo个月 前
    • We won it before though

      SamplingMastersXLR8SamplingMastersXLR8个月 前
  • never gonna happened

    Epic LineEpic Line个月 前
  • yeah good luck bro lol

    qwertyu2580qwertyu2580个月 前

    Alex MAlex M个月 前
    • Dave Chappelle doesn’t know who Bruce Arena is

      sixfiftychrissixfiftychris个月 前
  • First to comment and disagree. Sorry Lexi I like disagreeing with you it’s more fun I think you and your Twitter followers would agree

    Tim BeiterTim Beiter个月 前
  • lol the US isn’t winning the world cup

    Tommy ShalomTommy Shalom个月 前
    • 2026 cup is gonna be in America, so the USMNT will auto-qualify. The national team is on a huge upswing already anyway, and are miles more talented than previous years

      Sam LevySam Levy个月 前
    • @Gabe Galaxy um you USA will be hosting so irrelevant comment much

      SamplingMastersXLR8SamplingMastersXLR8个月 前
    • First qualify then we talk

      Gabe GalaxyGabe Galaxy个月 前