Neymar’s failure at PSG, Pulisic's injury | EPISODE 135 | ALEXI LALAS' STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST

2021年04月 6日
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▶ Introduction (0:00)
▶ Alexi and Mosse open the show with previewing and predictions of the CONCACAF Champions League games this week (8:56).
▶ The guys then talk about MLS’ new concussion substitution trial (36:22).
▶ They look at Europe and talk La Liga title race, ugly incident in Valencia, Premier League race for top four, PSG’s title race hit, Neymar sent off, his lack of success in Paris, and Serie A top-four race (41:36).
▶ The guys then talk Bundesliga, Erling Haaland could ask to leave Dortmund and preview the Champions League quarterfinals. They Looked at #AskAlexi, where fans asked about keeping US talent in the MLS, Brazilian Ronaldo, now club owner, issues with MLS and Don Garber (01:13:34).
▶ Finally, Alexi caps the show with his “One for the Road,” where he talks and shows off retro kits (01:25:37).
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Neymar’s failure at PSG, Pulisic's injury | EPISODE 135 | ALEXI LALAS' STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST
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    Mona P.CMona P.C个月 前
  • Suck it up with respect to injuries? That's asinine Alexi.

    Patrick GlanvillePatrick Glanville个月 前
  • Wow I'm glad MLS is bringing back retro jerseys now that is awesome. 😉👍

    • Not really. They’re retroISH, and fan only versions. We won’t be seeing them on the field. (but better than the Adidas attempt for the 25th anniversary. Those are just .................)

      Jon Karl TrittJon Karl Tritt28 天 前
  • I'm a U of M fan, same as Mosse. It was sad to see how it ended but a lot of hope for the future.

    GamingTremorGamingTremor个月 前
  • Did the recording just stop at the end? LOL

    MauMau个月 前
  • A ZAG is the opposite of a ZIG.

    czarforeczarfore个月 前
  • An MLS team better win the champions league. They couldn’t release players for the Olympic qualifiers because of it.

    Mike UtchelMike Utchel个月 前
  • I swear folks love to discredit Neymar

    RomeDCarloRomeDCarlo个月 前
  • failure? he's won a league title every single season and helped psg to their first ever champions league final. his goal scoring record is ridiculous and he's been immensely successful in paris

    Isaac SanchezIsaac Sanchez个月 前

    Julia BuchtaJulia Buchta个月 前
  • Let’s be honest pulisic wouldn’t make a difference

    Manuel Baut104Manuel Baut104个月 前
  • Just unlike this video

    Star t BarryStar t Barry个月 前